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What is Women's Health Physiotherapy and How Can it Help You?

What is Women’s Health Physiotherapy and How Can it Help You?

Women’s health physiotherapy specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of women’s health topics such as pelvic health, pregnancy, and postpartum recovery. Women face very different physiological challenges than men including incontinence, pelvic discomfort, and pelvic floor dysfunction. This article will explain how women’s health might be beneficial for you.

What is physiotherapy for women's health?

Physiotherapy for women’s health is a specific area of physiotherapy that focuses on the diagnosis, and treatment of conditions affecting women’s physiological health. Frequently it addresses issues with the pelvic floor, incontinence, and pelvic pain, which can be caused by a multiple things such as delivery, menopause and aging. To assist women in managing these problems, women’s health physiotherapists employ a variety of approaches including pelvic floor exercises, physical therapy, and education.

How Can Women's Health Physiotherapy Help You?

Physiotherapy for women’s health may benefit you in a number of ways, depending on your particular requirements. For instance, a women’s health physiotherapist can teach you pelvic floor exercises to strengthen and better control your pelvic floor muscles if you are having incontinence. A women’s health physiotherapist can use manual treatment techniques to relieve pelvic muscle tension and enhance blood flow if you are having pelvic pain. Postpartum healing, including diastasis recti (abdominal separation), prolapse, and scar care, can benefit from women’s health physiotherapy.

Research on Women's Health and Physiotherapy

Two recent studies provide insight into the efficacy of physiotherapy for women’s health. In the first study, which was written up in the Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy, researchers discovered that women who underwent physiotherapy for incontinence noticed a significant reduction in their symptoms, including stronger and more resilient pelvic floor muscles. According to the second study, women who underwent physiotherapy during their pregnancies had a lower risk of developing pelvic floor dysfunction and urine incontinence after giving birth. This study was published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Women’s health physiotherapy provides secure and efficient care for problems relating to pelvic health, pregnancy and postpartum rehabilitation. Seeing a women’s health physiotherapist can be a potential solution for your health issues and can enhance your quality of life if you are dealing with any of these problems. Women’s health physiotherapy is a backed-by-research treatment option that can significantly improve your health and wellness.

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